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Original work (peer-reviewed) from 2018 onwards
Influence of Levan on the Thermally Induced Gel Formation of β-lactoglobulin. Hundschell, C. S., Brühan, J., Anzmann, T. Kohlus, R., Wagemans, A. M. (2022). gels, V. 8, p. 228.
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Lectures/conference contributions
Impact of solvent properties on molecular interactions and phase behaviour in alginate-gelatin systems. Bäther, S., Hundschell, C. S., Wagemans, A. M. (2022). 18th Food Colloids Conference in Lund, P22, Online. (Poster).
Structure analysis of proteins at interfaces. Kieserling, H., Wagemans, A. M, Drusch, S., Rohn, S. (2021). XXI EuroFoodChem, Online.
Analytical investigation of the three interfacial stabilization stages of beta-lactoglobulin. Schestkowa, H., Wagemans, A. M., Drusch, S.  (2019). Delivery of Functionality, Porto, Portugal.
The interfacial behavior of high-pressure treated proteins. Schestkowa, H., Nguyen, T., Sevenich, R., Rauh, C., Drusch, S, Wagemans, A. M.  (2019). Deutscher Lebensmittelchemiker-Tag, Dresden, Germany.
Structural characterization and molecular interactions of β-lactoglobulin, levan and their mixtures. Hundschell C. S., Drusch S., Wagemans A. M. (2019). 20th Gums & Stabilisers for the Food Industry Conference, San Sebastian, Spain.
Surface activity of proteins: Comparison of foam stability and emulsifying ability. Koop, J., Schestkowa, H., Wollborn, T., Oechsle, A. M., Schembecker, G., Fritsching, U., Drusch, S., Merz, J. (2018). ProcessNet-Tagung, Aachen, Germany.
Importance of the phase interface in emulsification. Schestkowa, H., Wagemans, A. M., Drusch, S. (2018). GDL-Emulgiersymposium, Gerlingen, Germany.
Characterization of the premix membrane emulsification process of protein-stabilized emulsions. Schestkowa, H., Kaufmes, N., Heyse, A., Oechsle, A. M., Drusch, S. (2018). Deutscher Lebensmittelchemiker Tag, Berlin, Germany.
Rheology and microstructure of collagen in the extrusion process. Oechsle, A. M. (2018). Anton Paar Anwenderseminar, Potsdam, Germany.
Molecular structure and polymer density of exopolysaccharide levan as function of molecular weight. Hundschell C. S., Jakob F., Oechsle A. M. (2018). 3rd Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium and 3rd IDF Symposium on Microstructure of Dairy Products, Montreal, Canada.
FTIR-analysis of stress-sensitive proteins at oil/water-interfaces. Schestkowa, H., Drusch, S., Oechsle, A. M. (2018). Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium, Montreal, Canada.
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Rheologie und Mikrostruktur von Kollagen im Extrusionsprozess. Oechsle, A. M. (2017). Anton Paar Anwenderseminar, Berlin, Germany.
Functionalization of insoluble by-products of gelatin extraction by mechanical methods. Oechsle, A. M., Franz, G., Drusch, S. (2017). Processnet-Jahresteffen, Bruchsal, Germany.
FTIR analysis of β-lactoglobulin at oil/water interfaces. Schestkowa, H., Oechsle, A. M., Drusch, S. (2017). Deutscher Lebensmittelchemikertag, Würzburg, Germany.

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