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Ein rotes Dreieck, darunter drei orangen senkrechten Balken als Symbol für Fakultät 3. Das Symbol befindet sich innerhalb  des kreisförmigen Schriftzuges: Prozesswissenschaften.

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Current information

  • Dr. Helena Kieserling was named the winner of the Faculty III doctoral award for young female scientists in 2022! Congratulations!

  • Dr. Helena Kieserling received the award for the best presentation for her talk "Structure analysis of proteins at interfaces" at the EuroFoodChem! Congratulations!

  • Young Talent Awards of Faculty III 2020/21
    For the second time, Faculty III gave the young talent award, in the category „Teaching“  2020/21, to outstanding young scientists. The junior professor Dr. Anja Maria Wagemans and the research associate Mr. Christoph Hundschell received this award for the course „Applied Food Material Sciences“ (MSc LMT).
  • Excellent teaching in the winter semester 19/20
    For the first time, Faculty III ranked the teaching evaluation results from winter semester 19/20 in the four different categories, lecture, exercise, internship or integrated lectures. A Total of 31 lectures, 11 internships, 13 exercises and 27 integrated lectures were evaluated. We are pleased that our course „Instrumental food physics“ is one of the three best integrated lectures.

  • Sabrina Bäther has won the Erhard Höpfner Study Prize 2019. Congratulations!


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